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******* Reference Notes *******

1. Yearly Fee can be paid quarterly, monthly or one shot. Quarterly terms will be in April-June, July-Sep, Oct-Dec and Jan-Mar. The Quarterly fee must be paid within 15 days of the beginning of each term i.e. on or before 15th April, 15th July, 15th Oct and 15th January or as notified by the school. Monthly fees must be paid before 15th of every month.

2. Transport facility is optional. Buses will be fully air conditioned and equipped with GPS System.

3. Mess fee includes Morning Breakfast, Lunch and Evening snacks with proper diet plan.

4. No component of the fee is refundable, except Caution deposit, in part or full, under any circumstances unless otherwise specifically mentioned above.

5. Family concession (where two or more students of same parents) are studying would be provided only for the younger sibling maximum of two children. The rebate permissible is 10% on the tuition fees. This rebate cannot be combined with any other scholarship or rebate or waiver of fees.

6. The fee structure of school is governed by its rules , policies , terms & conditions and as amended from time to time by the management at its sole discretion.

7. Fees can be paid by cash, demand draft and Cheque and online transfer only. Please mention student name, Application No. and Grade in all the correspondence.

8. Cheque is subject to realization, in case of cheque dishonor Rs 1000/- will be levied as penalty. Post dated cheques will be acceptable with 1% interest per month.

cbse school fees structure