Our vision is to prepare each child for a worthy life empowered with mettle, merit and skill.


Our mission to inculcate in students the capacity to synthesize information through offering an education program that will yield thinking individuals who are disciplined, creative, respectful and ethical.


Upcoming Events

  • PTM Wall magazine Display On Spot Painting

    Parent teacher meeting for Grade 6 to 9 and Wall magazine Display on Saturday 13th October 2018 at MM School Campus.

    MM School Raipur 06-October-2018 09
  • Drawing Competition

    MM School has Organised Drawing Competition for Grade 3 to 5 on Friday 12th October at School Campus.

    MM School, Raipur 12-October-2018 09
  • National Post Day

    Celebrating National Post Day with people from different age groups, the event aimed at promoting Joy of Writing for students

    MM School Campus, Raipur 10-October-2018 09
  • Postcard Writing Grade 1 & 2

    Students will create stories to write letters and poster of appreciation in an event organised at a MM school on Tuesday.

    MM School Campus, Raipur09-October-2018 09
  • Preparation of wall magazine Grade 6-9

    All students from Grade 6-9 will work as a team during the training towards preparing a set of wall magazine

    MM School Campus, Raipur06-October-2018 08
  • Philately Grade 3-5

    This is an event where students need to study of stamps, postal history and other related items of postage stamps for Grade 3-5.

    MM School Campus, Raipur06-October-2018 09

Parent Speak