• Fee collection hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on all working days.
  • The last date of payment of fees shall be 5th of the respective month. Fee can be paid in lump sum for the session by availing a discount of 5% of total fees provided it is paid in a single installment before 30th of June.
  • The fees can be deposited either at school through cash/cheque or online payment using the link available on the school’s website. Parents who deposit fee using the online mode are requested to update the same in the school’s accounts department.
  • Always mention the Name/Class/Section/Admission no. of your ward while paying the school fee through internet banking / NEFT / Funds transfer / Cheque / DD / Pay Order.
  • In case of cheque dishonor and return unpaid by the bank for any reason, a penalty of Rs 500 has to be paid by the parent along with fees in cash only at the accounts office in the school.
  • Late fee charges:
    a) Rs. 10 per day (after 5th of respective month till 15th of the month).
  • Even if the students are admitted later during the term, fees for the whole academic year will be charged.
  • Parents are requested to deposit the fees in time. Parents must keep fee receipt with them and should produce when required.