Importance of sports for a child's overall development

Times are changing and even with it a natural balance is still required. Our daily lives overshadowed by work and pressure leaves us with very less time to focus on other things that we love. What cannot be done by us must not be left aside by our children. Sports acts as a vent of desire..

What to look for when choosing a school for your child

MM School, best school
The first thing as a parent is to have kid and the next further things is to decide which school for them to enrol in. If you have made a right decision, you have be completely assure about your child’s lifelong learning, prestigious college education and a successful career. All this will put them on a path forward and even you can evaluate both your child’s growth a every point of time. MM School is one of the prestigious schools where you can find the right place for the child strictly fitting to its educational environment and can easily evaluate both school and teachers on the basis of key functions..

Math Lab Inauguration at MM School

Inaugurated By Mr Gopalan Jaimohan, Class Representative, PTA.

Science Expo at MM School

MM School and their students organized a Science Exhibition where children made their own scientific equipments and displayed it..

Launching of the MM School App

School App.