Upcoming Event List

Upcoming Event
Event Name Date Time Location Description
Dance drama to raise awareness about child labour 16-02-2019 10 AM MM School A program dedicated to increase awareness about and opinion against child labour
Pariksha Pe Charcha Screening 29-01-2019 10 AM MM School Classrooms MM School students had a great time learning from the country's supremo himself, during a screening session of the Prime Minister's Pariksha Pe Charcha on January 29.
Republic Day Performance 26-01-2019 10 AM MM School Grounds Students of MM School performed wholeheartedly on Republic Day in front of all parents and faculty members.
Science Exhibition 19-01-2019 10 AM MM School campus Students Of Mm School Participated In A Science Exhibition On The 19th Of January, 2019.
Painting event 08-01-2019 10 AM MM School grounds Painting event where students express their creativity and give evidence of their teamwork
Fluid Painting 04-01-2019 10 AM MM School MM School students took part in a fun filled fluid painting exercise. They let their imaginations grow wings.
Annual Day 22-12-2018 05 PM MM School Grounds The celebration of the Annual Day event took place amidst great excitement and enthusiasm. The theme of the event was IOTA-LIFE.
Coffee Morning With the Principal 03-12-2018 10 AM MM School Grounds Parents of junior school students met the principal and discussed the procedure for taking admission.
Sports Day 24-11-2018 10 AM MM School playgrounds MM School students participated in a number of sporting activities including swimming, basketball and table tennis.
Pre Primary Sports Day 17-11-2018 10 AM MM School grounds The pre-primary students of the school were treated to the delightful sports day events.
Children's Day Celebration 14-11-2018 10 AM MM School All Students, faculty and staff members celebrated Children's Day in a fun and joyous manner.
Rangoli 03-11-2018 10 AM MM School The students from Grades 6 to 9 celebrated the colourful festival Rangoli to their heart's content.
GARBA CELEBRATION 16-10-2018 10 AM MM School The festive mood was in the air as students shook a leg or two to the rich-in-tradition Garba celebrations.
OLYMPIAD 15-10-2018 10 AM MM School MM School’s students flexed their brain muscles to solve Olympiad problems. #LeadersofTomorrow
PTM WALL MAGAZINE DISPLAY ON SPOT PAINTING 13-10-2018 10 AM MM School The students from 6th to 9th standard got together on 6th October for making some interesting wall magazines for others to admire.
BOOK FAIR 11-10-2018 10 AM MM School Both junior and senior students of MM School enjoyed the book fair to the fullest. The book fair had a large variety of books and study aids and accessories that appealed to students and parents alike.
DRAWING COMPETITION 12-10-2018 10 AM MM School Students of grades 3rd, 4th and 5th standards participated in a drawing competition where they expressed their creative best.
PTM Wall magazine Display On Spot Painting 06-10-2018 09 AM MM School Raipur Parent teacher meeting for Grade 6 to 9 and Wall magazine Display on Saturday 13th October 2018 at MM School Campus.
Drawing Competition 12-10-2018 09 AM MM School, Raipur MM School has Organised Drawing Competition for Grade 3 to 5 on Friday 12th October at School Campus.
National Post Day 10-10-2018 09 AM MM School Campus, Raipur Celebrating National Post Day with people from different age groups, the event aimed at promoting ‘Joy of Writing’ for students
Postcard Writing Grade 1 & 2 09-10-2018 09 AM MM School Campus, Raipur Students will create stories to write letters and poster of appreciation in an event organised at a MM school on Tuesday.
Preparation of wall magazine Grade 6-9 06-10-2018 08 AM MM School Campus, Raipur All students from Grade 6-9 will work as a team during the training towards preparing a set of wall magazine
Philately Grade 3-5 06-10-2018 09 AM MM School Campus, Raipur This is an event where students need to study of stamps, postal history and other related items of postage stamps for Grade 3-5.
Term-1 Exam Day 2 03-10-2018 09 AM MM School Campus, Raipur Term-1 Examination for all the Grades.
Term-1 Exam 01-10-2018 09 AM MM School CAmpus, Raipur Term-1 Examination for all the Grades.
Rakhi Decoration 21-08-2018 10 AM MM School Raipur Campus Rakhi Decoration for Grade 1-2 Students
Rakhi Making 18-08-2018 09 AM MM School Raipur Campus How to Make Rakhi will be taught to Grade 6-9 students
Rakhi Card Making 17-08-2018 09 AM MM School Raipur Campus How to Make a Rakhi Card will be taught to Grade 3-5 students
Independence Day Flag Hoisting 15-08-2018 09 AM MM School Raipur The national flag is hoisted with the utmost respect while following all the rules laid in Flag Code of India
Flag Making Competition 14-08-2018 09 AM MM School Campus Grade 1-2 students will participate in Flag Making Competition at MM School Campus
Patriotic Song 11-08-2018 08 AM MM School Campus Patriotic Song Group Competition among Grade 6,7,8
Senior Citizen Day 07-08-2018 09 AM MM School Campus Senior Citizen Day, Activity Day with Grandparent for Grade 1 & 2
Patriotic Song 04-08-2018 09 AM MM School Campus Group Preparation for Grade 6,7,8
Veerras 03-08-2018 09 AM MM School Campus MM School is organizing Hindi Poem Recitation for Grade 3,4,5
Birthday Cap Decoration Grade 1-2 03-07-2018 09 AM Raipur MM School is organizing Birthday Cap Decoration for Grade 1-2 on Tuesday, 3rd July 2018.
Poster Making Competition 06-07-2018 03 PM Raipur MM School is Planning a Birthday Party for Grade 3-5 on Friday 6th July at the Campus premises.
Student Celebrated World Heritage Day 07-07-2018 09 AM Raipur All the Students of Grade 6-9 are being asked to participate in Gift Wrapping Competition on Saturday 7th July
Thank You Card Making 10-07-2018 09 AM Nakti, Raipur How to make Thank You card? Event has been designed for Grade 1-2 Students on Tuesday 10th July.
Plan a return Gift 13-07-2018 10 AM Raipur Campus Birthday Celebration is incompleted without a return gift. Thus, We at MM School are going to organize a Return Gifts event for Grade 3-5 on Friday 13th July.
1 Minute Game Grade 6-9 14-07-2018 08 AM Raipur Campus 1Minute Game for Grade 6-9 Students.
Water Sports 24-07-2018 03 PM Raipur Campus Students from grade 1 & 2 will participate in Water Sports.
Plant a Pot 27-07-2018 09 AM Raipur Students from class 3-5 will participate in the event of Plant a Pot on Friday 27 th July.